Outreach Activities



  •  is the largest "university's open doors" type of event organized annually at UPB. It attracts a large number of visitors from college graduates looking for a student position in one of the faculties of UPB (could have the flavor of research and student life), to simple families with children interested in tech research, industry partners, government representatives or stakeholders. Live experiments, presentations, networking and job fairs with UPB's industry partners are also part of the program. MicroDERLab and openenergyprojects.ro participated in the event with an experimental stand as part of the promotion campaign for all the current research projects. Flyers and general description of the project can be downloaded below [see Attachments]. 


  •  2018 ResearchersNight - Bucharest (Noaptea Cercetatorilor Europeni): a promo video was created to explain in simple words what microgrids and DC microgrids are, their benefits and few key advancements brought by our project so far. Watch it out here (Romanian and English versions available)







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