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Download this file (2017_PDF_ICDCM_IC_PFinDCMGNonlnLoads.pdf)2017_PDF_ICDCM_IC_PFinDCMGNonlnLoads.pdf[ICDCM2017]2169 kB
Download this file (2017_Pub_Elsevier_Boscaino_Ciornei_OnlineOPFmultibusDCMG.pdf)2017 Elsevier_Boscaino_Ciornei OnlineOptimizationMultiBusDCMGs[2017 Sust Cities &Societ_Boscaino_Ciornei]1991 kB
Download this file (2017_Pub_Energies_ICMihai_ReslientProsumerUniRCon.pdf)2017 Energies_ResilientProsumer to regulatory changes[2017 Energies]1437 kB
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Download this file (2018_Pub_EnergyConIC_RealtimeEMS4resilientProsumers.pdf)2018_EnergyCon_Ciornei_Real-time EMS prosumers[2018_EnergyCon_Ciornei_RT_EMS_UniRCon]1030 kB
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